Welcome to River Valley Cheese

We are artisan cheese makers. Simply put, the milk is produced locally and we make it into cheese. Our cheese is made from 100% Jersey milk, guaranteeing maximum flavor and buttery goodness in every bite. No hormones to increase production and no corn in their grain. Better for them and better for you!

The artisan part means that we make our cheese in small-scale quantities by hand with great attention to detail and lots of pride. When we say handmade, we really mean it. You won’t find any automated equipment in our cheese room.

We strongly believe in growing the centuries old craft and have been teaching cheesemaking since 2006.

 Artisan Cheese Making Classes

Join us for a cheese making class in our artisan cheese making series.  To view our Class Offerings &  2014 Calendar, click on our Classes page on our menu options.  Have you ever tasted our Buttery & Yummy Fresh Mozzarella?  We teach you how to make it and you take home a whole pound!  We have workstations available in our Parmesan & Mozzarella class on Sunday, April 27th, starting at 3pm.  Making Parmesan is so easy and soooo much better than what you can purchase in the grocery store.  Learn how to make it and Parmesan will become a staple in your household. You’ll be grating it on everything!  We also have your Goat in your very fun Brie & Goat Cheese series on April 27th, Sunday at 11am.  You’ll make Brie and take home a wheel to age yourself as well as a log of fresh goat cheese. After you’ve made your fresh goat cheese, we provide all the herbs, dried fruits, honey, etc. to make your very own gourmet goat cheese log.  Ready for you to take home and enjoy.   No worries, we teach you every step of the process. No matter which class you choose, they all include an unlimited cheese buffet so come hungry and have an amazing Cheesemaking Experience!  If you want to sit down and watch someone else make cheese, this class isn’t for you.  No fancy equipment required!  At River Valley Cheese, our teaching style is based on an old learning proverb Hear & Forget, See & Remember, Do & Understand. In this spirit, our classes are focused on providing hands-on experience.

Don’t know what to expect in our cheesemaking classes?  Click here to see what you’ll experience.  If you really want to make your own cheese with tried and true recipes that you can go home and have success with, sign up! Eat all the cheese you want in class too. This class is for Beginners so don’t worry about your knowledge base. Hands-On. You will learn and do every bit of the cheesemaking process yourself. You’ll be up to your elbows in milk so dress casual.  To sign up for our next advanced class, simply go to our shopping page.  You must pay for the class at the time of registration. Fun for couples or groups of friends. Space is limited.

If you need assistance, call the cheese room at (425) 222-5277 to reserve your spot right away.  Our classes sell out every month.

If you’re interested in a private class for a group, special occasion or team building event, we offer lots of those too.

Artisan Cheese Making Classes near Seattle