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Welcome to River Valley Cheese: A School of Curiosity

River Valley Cheese began with a focus on making handmade artisan cheese.  You can see it now, just like your Grandmother made, fresh with the morning milk.  A decade later, River Valley Cheese holds firmly to the art of handmade cheese and wants to carry on the tradition to teach other ancient crafts.  We bring this art to you by inviting you to engage in our hands-on artisan classes, located just 30 minutes east of Seattle.

In addition, we want to build a community bursting with curiosity. We want people piling into our classroom wanting to explore the "why".  As a result, our educators come to you with a dedication to having fun through discovery, storytelling and hands-on experience.

Most of all, our commitment is to providing you with the best learning experience. As a result, we base our teaching style by following an old learning proverb, Hear & Forget, See & Remember, Do & Understand.  To keep you engaged, our classes are focused on providing hands-on experience.  Interested in classes? Please take a look at our schedule of events.

Now, we invite you to engage and explore with us. Who knows what you will find, because discovery is at our fingertips!

Artisan Cheese Making Classes

Class Teaching Style

Class Teaching Style

Our teaching style is based on an old learning proverb Hear & Forget, See & Remember, Do & Understand. In this spirit, our classes are focused on providing hands-on experience.
Burrata | Mozzarella

Burrata | Mozzarella

Burrata is a Mozzarella who dreamed of being an angel! You’ll sculpt a delicious burrata with your own hands and take it home-ready to enjoy right away!
A School of Curiosity

A School of Curiosity

We are a community of makers who love hanging out with people! Come along on our journey of discovery as we play and have fun!
Private Classes & Team Building

Private Classes & Team Building

We love big events - if you’re interested in a private class for a group, special occasion or team building event, we offer lots of those too.

Artisan Cheese Making Classes...and more to come

2017 has been an exciting year at River Valley Cheese!

What started with handmade artisan cheese over a decade ago has grown into a flourishing community of curious people who want to learn more.

First, let's introduce the new classroom!  Our new space is nestled in a cedar grove on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, The expansive windows provide the perfect setting to learn and get curious.  In addition, the optimized learning space increased to 24 (from 14!) - with room to grow!

Beginning in November, we will begin offering classes to satisfy and evoke this curiosity. Classes involving everything from Bees to Cheese will grace the schedule. Because we know you love it, we'll keep our artisan cheesemaking classes (drool alert: Brie, Parmesan, Gouda, Oh MY) .  To meet growing desire to learn, we'll add Bread Baking, Knife Skills + Bagna Cauda, Holiday Cooking...and much more!
The goal at River Valley Cheese is to focus on handmade and artisan, with a twist! Because there's a way to mix new with old, we will also explore introducing you to new things. For instance, most of us feel lost when we look at our pressure cooker. Now, we can cook with an electric version and make yogurt with it!

Furthermore, we also specialize in providing great experiences. If you have a team, a senior group or want to celebrate an event, we're here for you. In addition, we also can come to you (currently taking all requests for Morocco or the Plitvice Lakes.)

If you're interested in a private class for a group, special occasion or team building event, please call (425) 222-5277 or email kristi@rivervalleycheese.com

Handmade Artisan Cheese & Classes

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